Getting out of a Scene

Have you ever needed to get out of a scene you didn’t actually want to be in?  Started playing around with someone and you didn’t really want to?  Collected here for your reference are a few options that have been used before – sometimes legitimately, promise! – to get out of scenes.

  • “God dammit, I have to go get my roommate, he got a flat tire…” – Legitimate: my roommate had a shit car that had tires go out one by one in a circle around the car as he would replace one at a time.
  • “Oh, shit, neighbors lit their house on fire with Christmas lights!” – Semi-legitimate: my neighbors are pretty terrible people, and they did melt a strand of lights one year.
  • “Ah, I have to go watch 24 now.” – Legitimate: I had this one used on me.  Fair enough, I suppose…
  • “Damn, brother interrupted me, sorry!” – Not legitimate: I’m an only child.
  • “Sorry, feeling kinda sick…” – Both: really depends on the situation.  I’ve gotten into a scene I really shouldn’t have while sick before more than once.
  • “I’m super tired/have to get up early/have work/have school and need to get going, sorry.” Legitimate: it’s a valid reason.
  • “I came too soon…” – Legitimate: understandable.  However, I’ve never seen this one in the wild.
Let us know if you happen across anymore!

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