How to approach someone

Lets say you wind up with some spare time on the weekend or after work (or, hell, at work) and you’re a little pent up.  If you want to have some fun on the Internet, there’s a few simple guide-lines you can follow to find some… er… release.  It all depends on where you’re looking.


Hang out around a bunch of people and single one person out.  After a while, the sexual tension will reach the breaking point and things will just happen in a whisper, right there in the WCotP or the Purple Nurple.  Who knows if it will happen again, and it may be awkward next time you inevitably run into them at FC, but hey, it was fun!

SPR (SocioPolitical Ramifications MUCK)

Don’t. Instead, hang around for a while, and chances are good that what will happen is you’ll run into someone, meet someone through them, chat for a while only semi in-character, then boom!  It’ll happen!  It may take months to get to this point, but by then, you’ll have a super friend and, potentially, a relationship.


Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.  Simply follow this flow chart:

Finding a partner on Taps


Just start going, if everything’s okay, the other person will go along with you.  Depending on the room, you can even do it in-channel.

Have any more suggestions?  Leave them in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “How to approach someone

  1. Smell is way out of date. No one does that anymore.

    Yes, I spend way too much time in collaborative erotic novel writing, shut up.

  2. Makyo’s Razor: When in doubt, assume sex.

    The flowchart is amazing and makes me giddily happy (I like flowcharts). “How to approach someone” I note does not include reference to for example erstwhile hive-of-scum-and-villainy SoFurry (I say erstwhile because they are currently experiencing technical difficulties that renders the chat essentially nonfunctional).

    It’s the same as in IRC, fortunately, but with a delightful added bit at the end where you take a cold shower and try to forget the things that you have seen. The things that you’ve done… been made to do… endured. These… these hands. *stares at hands* My god, what have these hands wrought.

    Pull camera back and away from shower, through the darkened living room of a cheap apartment. Rain streaks down the dingy windows from outside. Soundtrack: the falling rain, the hiss of tires cutting through standing water on the street below. A peal of thunder.

    End scene.

    1. Oh nooo, hahaha. I think that scene can be acted out for all these different locations, but some more than others, to be sure. If it’s the default for SoFurry chat, well…I’m frightened :o)

      I’d pay to see the movie, though!

      1. Strictly speaking, I’m pretty sure that the sort of movies that SoFurry would generate are already widely accessible. Check your local reputable movie store for titles blending words like “bang,” “sluts,” and “action” with cardinal numbers.

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