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After the most recent article about suiting, it has been brought to my attention by several folks that I spent most of my time talking about suiting at cons and interacting only with other furries.  Of course, that’s not the only context in which fursuiters don their garb!  In the spirit of providing a more inclusive look into the costuming side of the fandom, I’m going to be pulling together a few of these vignettes on different aspects of fursuiting.  If you have any suggestions* to make regarding some unique use of suiting outside of the con scene, please feel free to either leave comments on this post, or email them to submit@adjectivespecies.com.  You can also send them to our Twitter, Google+, or FA accounts!

Our first example of suiting in a unique way comes from a submission, and included a neat little story:

When I first got my fursuit, I promised myself I’d use it for at least one charitable cause, which ended up becoming a pretty extensive fundraiser campaign. The premise is that myself and anyone I can get involved will keep making fun fursuit videos as long as people keep donating to our target charity

Furs For Life is a fundraiser for Red Cross, and helps in the charitable cause by advertising, primarily through the use of their YouTube channel where they’ve amassed several videos.   Of course, this includes the obligatory Thriller dance video.

They have their own Red Cross donation channel set up to use (use the link, or funds won’t be counted), and have pulled together about two and a half grand so far this year, which, hey, is pretty good!

* These aren’t going to be paid sponsorships or anything, and this is, perhaps, on the edge of what I’d consider posting, but it is for a charitable cause!

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