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It was suggested by a few folks that it would be good to do a semi-regular feature on some of the wonderful art that gets lost in the torrent of furry porn (which certainly has its place in our fandom).  For this post, we’ll be taking a look at Chris Goodwin on FA, who has been posting small drawings and paintings to his “Overheard” series for a while now.

Overheard - No, it's fine...
Overheard - No, it's fine...

Taking overheard snippets of conversations and turning them into short two- or three-panel cartoons, Goodwin has created several small slice-of-life images, humorous and touching both.  While they contain anthropomorphic animals, these images aren’t strictly Just Furry, but represent conversations anyone could imagine themselves having or hearing out in the world at large.

Overheard - I just don't think it's that cold

I’m really no art writer, but one of the most striking and beautiful things about these images is the way each of the panels are tied together, both stylistically with their thin, sketchy lines, and through the use of a dominant color scheme.

Overheard - I will speak with you when you are not

Each of these comics can be read on its own, there is no arc, of course, but taking them all in one right after another gives the impression of travelling through Boston on a cold-ish day, stopping by a coffee shop on the way to the station.

Overheard - Well, maybe it's just a phase

The composition and art is beautiful, the colors captivating, and the subject matter often touching or heart-breaking.  Please, check out this awesome set on FA.

If you have or have found some interesting, out-of-the-ordinary art and would like to have it featured here, please let us know, and we’ll see about creating a small write-up here.  The only guidelines are that it should be unique in some way, different from the flood of porn that seems to take up most of the art sites out there; and that it should be either a set of images or a larger work, such as a graphic novel or comic.

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3 thoughts on “Art: Overheard – ChrisGoodwin@FA

  1. Yeah, I’ve been loving these for a while. I’ve been a fan of Chris’ work for a good decade now. I tried to ask him about getting prints of some of the first Overheards but I think he was too busy either to see the message or to respond.

    1. Hey there, I did indeed miss the message. But honestly, these are images dashed right into my sketchbook and then “finished” with paint or digitally; they don’t exist as fine prints that I’m selling.

      However, I do work though at high resolution; so if you want to print them out yourself, please feel free to do so. The images should reproduce well, actually.

      They are available for download here on my flickr account:

      …along with whatever else I make. Just download the “original” size version and it should give you a good print. Thanks for your kind words and comments.

      1. I think the one I was first interested in wasn’t part of the series per se, it was that single panel with the “..that’s why I’m calling, I want my phone back” or similar. Part of what I loved about it was the way the paint texture looked magnified – I’ve kind of got a thing for that in art, I love hearing fingers scrape on guitar strings and seeing brush tracks and ink spatters and what have you, so the lined paper on the barista one gives me the murry purries something chronic.

        Anyway! Ta for that link, and for the pictures. :)

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