Unique Suits 2 – The Videographers

It’s hard to get a fursuit and not show it off.

Very hard.

When I first got my suit, I didn’t even wait until I had the whole thing all set up.  I picked my suit up from the maker at FC2011, stuffed the body suit and my shoes in the duffel I had brought along with, put on the rest, and headed back to the lobby.  I figured there was no reason for me to even bother dropping stuff back in the room; I had someone watch the duffel and wandered around as a partial otterman, making a fool of myself.  So it’s no surprise that furries and video get along like chocolate and coffee.

Several people have wondered aloud how to dance to dubstep.  It’s slow, it’s full of extraneous noise, and it’s difficult to find the beat some times.  Well, now you can thank the user NekoFluff on YouTube for an instructional video!  With special guest star: his dad!

Furries are all about dancing.   It’s one of the prime things we do at conventions, where the dance is one of the more popular activities to partake in.  So it’s no surprise that two of the videos I found to feature involve dancing.  Of course, this one has the added bonus of being put together from a series of still images to make the suiters float.  Pretty neat, I’d say.

Of course, not everyone is quite as interested in simply dancing in suit. Why, there’s all sorts of things you could do, like, say, review old electronics! Well, to be honest, I’d never thought of doing such a thing, but at least two people have: EmmersonCollie and SpatsBear2 on YouTube both have a few reviews of old appliances and electronics conducted in suit.

What’s life without poopjokes?  Well… I’m sure it’s just fine, actually, but anyway, here’s a fursuit poopjoke.  I…don’t have much else to add to this video.  That’s about it.

This is just four videos out of the countless ones available on YouTube, Vimeo, and any number of other video sharing sites out there. I picked these simply to get a good variety, and I know I only just scratched the surface. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments!

After a recent article about suiting, it has been brought to my attention by several folks that I spent most of my time talking about suiting at cons and interacting only with other furries.  Of course, that’s not the only context in which fursuiters don their garb!  In the spirit of providing a more inclusive look into the costuming side of the fandom, I’m going to be pulling together a few of these vignettes on different aspects of fursuiting.  If you have any suggestions* to make regarding some unique use of suiting outside of the con scene, please feel free to either leave comments on this post, or email them to submit@adjectivespecies.com.  You can also send them to our Twitter, Google+, or FA accounts!

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