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It’s been a long time since we’ve done any open posts here at [adjective][species].  A lot of this is due to the sheer amount of personal stuff that’s been going on, but also, it’s been hard to think up any good topics!  It would be nice to try something new with this one.  I’ve talked before about how I got into the fandom – finding yerf, getting out of hand with it in high school, then calming down later on.  We’re interested in the variety of stories from other people, though!  What got you into anthropomorphized animals?  What got you into the furry subculture?  Heck, how did you find this website?  Tell us about all of your beginnings!

N.B. Rather than modifying the post with all the responses, since that would mean mostly copy/pasting what commentors provide, I’ll leave the comments mostly in place, unless I receive comments form Google+, Twitter, or FA!

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Makyo spends her time as a frumpy snow leopard, usually, but she's all over the map. She's been around furry since about 2000 under a variety of names. She writes, programs, and screws around with music.

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8 thoughts on “Open Post: Your Introduction to Furry

  1. A girl I had fallen fore showed me furcadia, so in an attempt to get closer to her I picked it up, and even after she hurt me bad I stuck with it, met some awesome people and slipped deeper down the rabbit hole. Not to mention I’ve always had an affinity for animals, and watched Animal Planet 24/7.

  2. It was a lonely Saturday night, about two and a half years ago. All my friends went on an impromptu trip to Sydney, and me being a poor student at the time, couldn’t afford to tag alone. Sitting up late at night, I was browsing a local website to do with subculture and counterculture and came across a silly book called “Furverts”. It was at that moment that the penny dropped, and I realised that there were other people out there who were attracted to cartoon animals. Needless to say, I was fucking ecstatic about this, and the days that followed were spent learning about the fandom and coming up with my own fursonality. Within a month, I was meeting up with local furries and attending movie nights. I still wasn’t sure if furry was right for me, though, all these strange new animal-people with completely different personalities to myself was very hard to take in at first. Luckily, I decided to stick it out, and before years end I was welcomed in to a local clique and had myself a new boyfriend. For the next two years, up until I moved to Dubai, these people became my regular friends, and experiencing love for the first time is something that will stay with me forever. I miss my friends back home dearly, and not having any physical contact with other furries is certainly taking its toll. I’m trying my hardest to make new furry friends in my travels, but that is easier said than done. Without sounding like a complete dick, many furries I’ve met just don’t seem to be on the same page as me, which only makes me miss my old friends back home even more. That said, I’m never going to give up in my pursuit to find new friends in the fandom, and I’m really grateful for sites like [a][s], where there seems to be a lot more like-minded folk.

  3. My primary thing in the fandom is fursuiting, which is how I found the fandom as well. I’ve always loved costuming and I’ve always loved cartoons/cartoon animals, so I always found the idea of dressing up/”becoming” one for a while quite fun. Some random internet searching about the matter and whether it’s possible to buy a costume online ended up taking me to a website of one particular fursuiter who not only had a section on his site about what furry is, but who was a part of a fursuiting webring. I spent the next weeks browsing all the various sites, searching for more info and eventually going through the pages upon pages of videos and photos in the Fursuit Archive. I felt somewhat instantly embraced by the concept of the furry fandom and found all the various descriptions of it to really quite close to explain how I felt about all things furry; it was pretty easy, quick and natural for me to identify myself as a furry, like it was something I had always been but never realised there were others as well.

    As for your site, it was as simple as a banner in FA. Advertising does work! Analysis of the fandom is incredibly interesting to me and so far you’re producing good text, keep up the good work :).

  4. Years ago I was in a chat room of a dying (now dead) computer game. One day, one of the ops posted a link to a web drawing of a furry lion girl in a bikini and I though “that’s kinda hot.” And it was all downhill from there.

  5. Back in the days of yonder, ’94 or ’95 or so, I didn’t have access to the internet yet but my friend did. I was an enormous fan of all things to do with foxes, as well as talking/cartoon animals, and was pretty nuts for anything fox related. I used to ask my friend to scour the newsgroups for pictures of foxes and he would grab all the binaries that he got in response, compress them onto multiple floppy volumes, and hand them over to me. (Amazing what a big deal digital pictures were back then) One time I came across something that wasn’t a photo, it was a picture of an anthropomorphic vixen in an elegant purple dress sitting with a fan clutched in her lap.

    So that was pretty awesome I thought. A few months later I had my own connection and started tracking things down myself on the newsgroups, in alt.animals.foxes, which ultimately lead me to, and then I guess it just kind of spiralled out of control from there. No regrets.

  6. How I figured out I was ‘furry’? Simple: I’ve always been different, which I first noticed when I stuffed a bully into a locker in middle school becuase he was picking on my friend. Wolf, here, and always have been. My friends, my family, my mates are my pack. And I have been known to get malevolent in my efforts to protect them. I’ve known my whole life I was different, but I wasn’t able to put my finger on that my basic personality is that of a group-oriented predator until i was about 12, when one of my teachers had me do a report on wolves. I suspect these days that the teacher was a furry himself, and simply saw it in me.

    How I got into the community is probably a somewhat common story: a friend of mine got me into SecondLife. Form there, i discovered jsut how diverse the furry community is. Wasn’t suprised, I figured if I had this querk of personalality, there had to be others. Infact, it was supposed to be commonplace, I discovered, in the Native American cultures. I was a bit suprised, though, to discover just HOW common it was, since prior to my 22nd birthday, I hadn’t run into more than a half-dozen people that were furry.

    The site, however, is much easier to explain. My boyfriend introduced me to the place like a week ago.

  7. When I was 14 I had a dream, it was based loosely off of the K.A.Applegate series of books “Animorphs” (Which I gather lead quite a few others toward furry).
    The dream included all the main characters from the books, as well as a humanoid reptile by the name of Sphelx, and a female companion (who I’m not aware had a name in the dream).
    Even being 14, I was smart enough to realise that copyright would be an issue, so rather than writing a book of the exact dream I had, I chose to write a book based off of the dream (some years later I discovered the concept of ‘fanfics’ and so wrote a story of the exact dream as I could recall it).
    By this point I’d had the internet for a couple of years, so a few days after I had the dream I went plugging away at yahoo/msn search looking to see if it was possible to find someone who could illustrate the book I was writing.
    What I stumbled on to, was a yahoo group featuring pencil-drawn art of humanoid animals of a variety of species, and ultimately lead to me discovering FurNation. I continued rummaging through the site, and learning more about the idea of an entire collective of people that seemed to revolve around the idea of these bipedal animals that I’d literally dreamed about.

    It was barely a decision for me to choose my name and species; I was Sphelx, the lizard I had dreamed about. It wasn’t for maybe another 5-6 years or so before I finally decided upon representing myself specifically as a komodo dragon rather than my old secret moniker of “Sphelx the yellow lizard” (Owing to me being colourblind, and other people being too kind to tell me my own art of myself was, unusually coloured).

    I also distinctly remember sitting up in bed a night or two after I had the dream, pondering about whether I’d had ears or not in the dream, since I imagined the head of a reptile would look very bare with no ears or hair, yet would suffer a detriment to realism if I chose to include ears of any kind. In the end I chose aesthetics over strict adherence to reality (after all…I’m a 6′ walking-talking lizard, I didn’t think ears were about to tip the unreality scale here), and thus, I’m a komodo dragon with elongated ears.

  8. When I was about 5 or 6 I discovered dinosaurs, and like a lot of kids was really into them. I started making up stories about dinosaurs and drawing them (tracing book pictures at first, then more original work once I gained confidence). Eventually I started branching out into other species, particularly a series of stories about space-faring ferret-people. I loved stories about talking animals (Narnia, Bambi, Odessey from River Bend, Rupert and His Friends, Rutgers and the Water-Snouts…) so I had some examples to draw from, and some indication that I wasn’t entirely alone. Still, I quickly learned that other kids considered my interests “weird”.
    Around the time I was in junior high, my family became involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism. While there I met a SCAdian who was a furry and also a pretty good artist – he was doing caricatures of people as furries for $10-15, I got one of myself as a fox and one of my sister as an otter. More importantly, he was kind and encouraging about my scribbles, and sold me a copy of Equine the Uncivilized, which was a revelation – not only were there other artists out there who did animal-people, some of them even had actual professional-style comic books! Wow! That was the first time I became aware that there was an actual fandom out there, though I wasn’t aware of the label “furry” until later.

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