A quick plug: this year at Confuzzled, I’m running a Furry Hypnotism show.

In what I think is a first at a furry convention anywhere, I’ll be running a group hypnosis session followed by some furry-themed fun & games. The group hypnosis session will be a relaxed and vivid experience, helping you get in close touch with your furry self. And then onto hilarious party games.

I’m on the main stage at 3:30pm on Saturday afternoon for 90 minutes or so. It’s going to be thoughtful and fun: happiness guaranteed.

Confuzzled 2012 (www.confuzzled.org.uk) is held in Hinckley, Leicestershire, from 25 to 28 May. There are over 600 registered attendees.

I’ll be about for the rest of the convention with some [adjective][species] goodies. I’m friendly and shouldn’t be too hard to track down, so please say hello if you see me trotting about the halls.


About JM

JM is a horse-of-all-trades who was introduced to furry in his native Australia by the excellent group known collectively as the Perthfurs. JM now helps run [adjective][species] from London, where he is most commonly spotted holding a pint and talking nonsense.

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One thought on “Furry Hypnotism at Confuzzled

  1. Very cool, though probably not a first; I remember to going to one by HypnoBeast in 2009 or so. An group thing, room-party style, so admittedly yours may be the first official one. ;)

    Excellent idea in any case though; too bad there’s a continent and an ocean between me and that con!

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