Exploring the Fandom Through Data – FC2014

Didn’t make it to Further Confusion this year? Made it, but missed our talk?  Don’t worry!  I actually remembered to turn on the camera this time!  Click through for a video of the panel portion of our presentation, “Exploring the Fandom Through Data”.

As always, the slides and data for the presentation itself are available on github.

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Makyo spends her time as a frumpy snow leopard, usually, but she's all over the map. She's been around furry since about 2000 under a variety of names. She writes, programs, and screws around with music.

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One thought on “Exploring the Fandom Through Data – FC2014

  1. Thank you for this, Makyo. I looked at the github link and I thought the “age” graph was interesting. I think there may be a story worthy of [A][S] in that graph, particularly the right hand side of it.

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