Art Post: The Comics of Rory Frances

Selection from Big Teeth
Real Apex Preds

Today’s art post is about the work of Rory Frances.  Rory is a comic artist in the Seattle area, working with a variety of themes and incorporating his own unique style.

This first image is taken from his comic Big Teeth.  On the surface, Big Teeth is the story of two friends who have gotten split up at a party, but beneath that, it’s an intricate examination of predator, prey, and scavenger dynamics.

Rory’s art is full of wavy, hasty lines, though it’s worth noting that this does not imply that his art is, in itself, hasty.  Everything is carefully placed within an image, and the action that goes along with the genre of comics is evident in the movement of each pane.

Selection from Hype Cube (with Sloan Leong)

This is evident in the flow of his work, Hype Cube, wherein the characters move sinuously from one panel to the next and the text breaks the boundaries of those very same panels.  The colorist of the comic, Sloan Leong, also utilizes the technique of changing the mood of the story through the use of color: as the story advances, so does the overall color scheme used in each panel.

Scene from Boys Are Slapstick
Performing is only fun in some situations, I think.

Finally, his recently published comic, Boys Are Slapstick (18+ link for sexual situations) in the ‘zine ZEAL, is a fantastic deconstruction of the ways in which we perform and act for others in very intentional, if occasionally fictional ways.  We have brought up the idea of front-stage personas here on [a][s] before, and I think that a lot of this particular work hearkens back to that idea through the clever use of cartoons and “fictional” characters.

You can find Rory’s work on Tumblr and follow him on Twitter for more updates!  If you’re interested in supporting his work, you can also find him on Patreon.

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