JM is at Confuzzled this coming weekend, presenting an [adjective][species] talk—Exploring the Fandom Through Data: Furry Demographics and Sexual Behaviour—followed by a Q&A. We have some brand new data to share, based on preliminary results from the 2015 Furry Survey (, plus lots more. (Confuzzled is an 18+ convention, and this will be an 18+ panel.)

It’s on at 4:30pm on Sunday. Stop by if you can.

And feel free to say hello to JM if you see him around the convention, i.e. at the bar.


About JM

JM is a horse-of-all-trades who was introduced to furry in his native Australia by the excellent group known collectively as the Perthfurs. JM now helps run [adjective][species] from London, where he is most commonly spotted holding a pint and talking nonsense.

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