Furry Site Content Statistics

Visualization of Fur Affinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, InkBunny & e621 site content by Garek Maxwell.

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Data sources:
FA submission map 2015-01-14
FA submission map 2014-04-24
FA submission map 2012-01-11
FA submission map 2011-04-29
FA submission map 2010-04-29
FA submission map 2009-01-27
FA Statistics 2011 (FA forums link no longer active)
FA Statistics – 2014
Weasyl Statistics – (Accessed 12-31-2014)
SoFurry Statistics – (Accessed 12-31-2014, June 2013)
InkBunny Statistics – (Accessed 12-31-2014)
InkBunny Additional Statistics

e621.net – Data sources: Safe/GeneralQuestionable/MatureExplicit/AdultSpecies Tags, In Descending Order

Traffic Statistics, mostly for Weasyl and SoFurry:

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3 thoughts on “Furry Site Content Statistics

  1. Whee. Inkbunny just passed 300,000 users and 750,000 submissions, so… progress! :-)

    I think IB’s overestimated on the active user table because it’s got our monthly members against daily for the others. We’re in a good place, but not that good! The equivalent daily figure for Inkbunny would be ~20,000 – roughly 1/6th FA, two-to-three times Weasyl.

    I’m sure e621 has more traffic than IB, though it’s not really the same kind of site. Alexa’s consistently had it in the top-10,000 sites worldwide, while FA is in the top-5,000 – other furry sites are only in the top-40,000 at the best of times.

    Will be interesting to see if the rate of account creation changes once we turn on account renaming.

  2. Thank you for this interesting examination of the sites! I’m a little surprised by one thing in the Top Ten Species by Tag list : bears didn’t make it into the list. I thought they would appear at least once. Makes me wonder if there has been a decline in species diversity in the furry community.

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