Participants needed for a new survey!

As in the past, we’ve worked with the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, and we occasionally receive news of a survey or study they or related researchers are conducting.

The following comes from Moses Simpson

I’m a Masters student from the University of Waikato and I’m doing research into the mental health and protective factors of the furry community.

This research draws from work done by the IARP and adds an investigation into how being within the furry community can be a predictor factor for or protective factor against mental health issues.

The survey is well-designed and understanding of the basics of the furry subculture and of mental health. And, hey, you could win an Amazon voucher for taking the survey! Sweet.

Take the survey here.

About Makyo

Makyo spends her time as a frumpy snow leopard, usually, but she's all over the map. She's been around furry since about 2000 under a variety of names. She writes, programs, and screws around with music.

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4 thoughts on “Participants needed for a new survey!

  1. Hey!, great to see another survey pop up. I’m happy to contribute.

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I’m starting to notice some common pitfalls in semantics across different surveys. I’ve taken about seven over the last few years and the first thing I noticed is none of them properly distinguish what they mean by being ‘a furry’, being ‘part of the furry fandom’, and ‘the furry fursonas themselves’.

    It’s just a hunch so far, but halfway through surveys I’m often confused wondering how to best answer questions that often seem like duplicates of each other. I wonder if other people have the same problem, and whether or not it results in misleading responses.

    I also wish these surveys allowed more ‘not applicable to me’ answers for some of the 7 or 10 point Strongly Agree/Strongly Disagree questions, as I often found myself wondering “Well to be honest I would not care if a furry community existed or not, because it’s not the reason I’m interested in the topic.” or similar for other questions.

    Anyone else?

  2. Is the Survey ofer yet?(I’m asking because it’s not marked as over, but “You aren’t allowed to access this typeform”

    1. That likely means it’s over, yes. Surveys like this usually have a strict duration based on the academic’s schedule. I’ll post more as they show up, though!

      1. That moment when you get a reply within 1 minute, and notice it about a month later. (I think I forgot to tick the email notify^^)

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