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Hi, I'm Klisoura, furry writer, essayist, and geek-of-all-trades! You may remember me from such instructional pamphlets as "Shedding: Your problem is everyone's problem" and "Coping with estrus: When in doubt, don't go out!". I consult and write for [a][s] because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and that's right, Iceman, I am dangerous.

“My fursona is a mole…”

Yeah, you probably haven’t seen it. It’s pretty underground.

I first began to suspect a furry:hipster overlap in the dealer’s den at Furry Weekend Atlanta, when I observed that the ratio of hat-wearing men was precipitously high. Not ballcaps, mind you — fedoras, flat caps, bowlers, and other examples of the sort of headwear that one would expect to find less in Atlanta than in, say, 1954.

If hats aren’t your thing (and how do you fit your ears through them, anyway?) you may defer instead to the Skinny Jean Quotient, which is also elevated. If anybody asks why you’re staring at their pants, just tell them it’s for research. Nobody wants to stand in the way of science.

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