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Zik is an otter who's been dabbling around the furry fandom for nearly a decade. When he isn't doing schoolwork, he spends time raging at videogames as well as hunting down music, art... and fish.

Foreign Furry Fandoms: Australia

I lied to everyone who read my “furries from around the world” articles over a year ago. I concluded by assuring that I would post an article for Australia soon. That was, as GLaDOS would put it, “an outright fabrication”, as I moved back to college for the semester literally three days later and was absolutely confident (at least in the back of my head) that I wouldn’t be writing about furries during the school semester.

Then, suddenly, school ended and I had no excuse. I had a two-hour interview with Carnival and Kraden from ACTFur as well as four completed questionnaires, including one from a Midfur staff member. I had everything I needed. I just didn’t feel like writing. Four months bled into about fifteen months. But, I have the information, and it would be a shame to let it stagnate any more. It’s time to write about Australia.

aus1I’m coming for you, you big chunky land mass!

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Foreign Furry Fandoms: New Zealand

The next two parts of the world both are very close to each other, share enough similarities, and have small enough furry populations that I wasn’t sure whether I should put them both in a single article or separate them. The article would have simply covered “Oceanic countries”: Australia and New Zealand. I added a post script to the introductory emails I sent out, asking whether it would be prudent to cover both countries in a single article or to separate them.

The first response strongly suggested that I don’t write about them both in the same article, noting that Kiwis (the international nickname for New Zealand residents) in particular don’t like being lumped together with the Australians. Another response compared the two to argumentative siblings and said he didn’t think Kiwis would like “being lumped together with their dumb brother”.

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Foreign Furry Fandoms: Brazil

The fifth largest country in the world in both size and population takes up nearly half of South America’s land mass. Possibly most notable to foreigners for Carnival (“Carnaval” in Portuguese), encapsulating 60% of the most biodiverse forest in the world, football (“soccer” here in America), and a 130-foot tall statue of Jesus Christ iconic of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is a richly cultured country, so of course it’s bound to have a fascinating furry population.

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Foreign Furry Fandoms: Japan

There is a thick mist surrounding foreign furry fandoms. We Americans are hardly exposed to foreign furry culture beyond the artists we watch on art websites. It’s the reason I wrote an entire article about it. There are shards of content available around the internet. Many foreign artists are on FurAffinity and DeviantArt. Kemonono is an English imageboard that focuses on the Japanese “kemono” art style. However, what we experience is nothing but the art that overseas artists create.

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Furry Art in Depth

When a non-fur asks for an example of what the “furry fandom” is, you show them convention websites or furry social sites. When a non-fur asks what a furry is, you show them a picture of an anthropomorphic animal. The most integral and fundamental part of the fandom is its artwork. Furry artwork serves many purposes within the fandom, and for every purpose there are artists focused on that form of design. Convention posters, story illustrations, popular media, and personal art, both custom and non-custom, are just some of the uses for which “furry” artwork is created.

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Furry Cons of the World

The diversity of the furry community is simply incredible. Furry conventions are artistic, diverse, and creative. If you think I’m talking about AC, FC, MFM, FWA, or any of the other tons of furry conventions within North America, that’s not quite what I had in mind. While the “local” furry conventions plenty of merit of their own, I set out to learn about the conventions and meets across the world. I tracked down at least one meaningful picture for each convention that exhibited the local furry culture’s flavor and style. In the end, I found out that there are a huge, huge number of furry gatherings going on all over the world, and they are all fascinating.

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