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Guest Fiction Post: Unintended Grace – Convention (Paul C.)

This is a section of Paul Calhoun’s second story in the Unplanned Adventures that starts and ends in the middle of the plot. This provides a good idea of what you can expect from the rest of the series. It also ends right in a place where the reader wants to know what the heck happens next. Well, as Q says in his audio version of ‘I, Q’ “You’ll have the buy the book to find that out.”

His Kindle store is where you can get this story for $1 and the rest for a reasonable price. Of course, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime you get all this for free. That’s not a commercial, just a reminder to the people who already are.

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Guest Post: Full Cotton-Polyester Blend Jacket (Katzenjammer)

When I was pulling together the contributions page, I did my best to think through all the types of submissions that would fit in here on [adjective][species].  I wound up tossing “fiction” in there just in case someone could think of a way to write meta-furry fiction.  I could think of one example by WhyteYote that would’ve fit, except for the fact that it was erotica.

However, lo and behold, our first piece of fiction arrived just a few days ago. Katzenjammer, after hearing stories about overzealous convention security, pulled together a short piece about a rent-a-cop taking his job protecting the animal people a little too seriously…

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