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International FurScience Survey

Hey fuzzies!
If you’ve got some time and you’re interested in helping out with furry science, come take the International Anthropomorphic Research Project’s newest, international FurScience survey! They’ve been doing these for years now, and we use the data to help the fandom and those outside the fandom learn more about furries!
Feel free to spread the word about it to other furries you know – they’re trying to make this our biggest and most representative sample of furries ever.
For those curious about the Furry Poll, that will return in 2018, split up into portions that can be completed at your convenience. It got far too long and a pain to complete, so we’re doing all we can to help that.

[adjective][species] Philosophy Survey

The [adjective][species] Philosophy Survey is an investigation into what furries think of the world, morality, and knowledge, amongst other things. No prior knowledge of philosophy is needed to complete the survey, and most of the questions will be ones that most people have thought of in their spare time anyway. What we are particularly interested in is if the answers given have any correlation, both with one another, and with the fandom’s demographics: Do older furries tend to hold different views than others? Does one species lean more towards scientific explanation than others? This survey hopes to give insight on these questions.

Overall, the survey will likely take about five minutes or less, though participants are encouraged to think about each question as they go. The results will be anonymous, and used in visualizations. Various comparisons with the general views of society will also help to understand if furries have any majorly varying ideas to the general public. Additionally, where applicable, the results will also be contrasted with David Chalmers “What Do Philosophers Believe?” survey, which gathered the beliefs of professional philosophers from across the world. The survey will run for 2 months, after which, after some time for analysis, the results will be made public (though no personal information will be given, and all results will forever be anonymous).

Thank you for your time. This is an area of furry that many of us wish to explore deeper, and the data from this survey will go a long way to analyzing the community at a deeper level.

You can take the survey here.

The 2016 Furry Poll

The Poll is up!  The Poll is up!  Tell all your friends, the poll is up! Check here!

No pressure! (Art by Grey)
No pressure! (Art by Grey)

That’s right, it’s time once again for the furry survey, the fandom’s largest marketing survey.  Completing the survey helps to give us a more complete picture of the furry fandom, because otherwise, it’s just some critters writing about themselves.  Remember, you can take the survey once per year!  If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take some time to fill out the 2016 Furry Poll.

The poll is up here!

Русская версия Фурри-Опроса

Сам опрос находится в конце этой статьи.

Эта статья также доступна на английском языке.

Большая тройка стран с наибольшим распространением русского языка – Россия, Украина и Беларусь – отличаются весьма активным и колоритным фурри-сообществом. Самый большой местный фурри-конвент, проходящий в Москве – Русфурренция – насчитывает около 500 участников.

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The 2015 Furry Poll

RandomWolf has a few questions for you.
RandomWolf has a few questions for you.

We’ve collected a lot of data with the furry survey.  A lot.

From 2009 to 2013, the Furry Poll accrued nearly 30,000 responses, allowing us to see not only the general ways in which the furry subculture is structured, but also the ways in which it changed in that span of five years.  We’ve pulled all five years of data into a single resource which will be made available soon, both as a raw dataset and as a new visualization, a data explorer that will allow you to plot many different variables against each other.

As I’ve said before, the Furry Poll is not, never has been, and certainly never will be a scientific study of the furry fandom. That is the purview of many other qualified folks inside and outside of the fandom, and one ought to look to the IARP for such information. If one wants to think of the Poll, it’s best to think of it as a market survey: a simple view of the market as viewed through the eyes of willing participants. The goal is not to make broad and sweeping statements of absolute truth about the furry subculture, but to view through our communities eyes the demographic and psychological makeup of the community. It’s a snapshot of how a good portion of the community views itself.

This year, we’re bringing you an all-new survey structure, and we will be collecting data in this format for the next five years to compile into the next longitudinal segment. If you’ve taken the Furry Survey before, remember that you can (and should!) take it once per year.

New this year, the survey is broken down into three sections: demographics and overview (featuring improved handling of characters, as well as gender expression and identity), a psychographic battery (similar to a personality test), and questions about sexuality and interests. As always, all questions and sections are optional, and you need only fill out what you’re comfortable with. Additionally, we will be welcoming responses from individuals who do not consider themselves members of the furry subculture in order to see the ways in which furries are different from non-furries.

Click here to head to the survey!
Click here to head to the survey!

Species Popularity by Sex, Gender & Sexual Orientation

We have a new visualisation to share today, courtesy of the industrious and talented hooves of Ruxley (

This is an interactive visualisation which lets you explore the popularity of the top furry species, and see how that popularity changes with biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

Exactly how many wolves are there? (Lots and lots.) Are foxes gay? (Not really.) Are horses more popular than zebras? (Duh.)

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Notes from FC2013

I just got back from Further Confusion 2013, and have a few notes to share.  It’s a little meta, and I’ll try to make it quick, but I wanted to get these out there while they’re fresh in my mind from the convention.  I’ll try to stay away from making this much of a con-report, as well, as [a][s] isn’t really the place for that, but if you’re interested on some of the directions we’d like to head in moving forward, read on!

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RandomWolf is Quite Helpful

Hi folks! Time for a bit of a meta-post with some neat news.

First of all, thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to fill out the 2012 [adjective][species] Census and Survey!  There’s…a lot to go through, and it’s going to take us a while to write up a full report, but we’ll get one all pulled together soon! The C&S is now closed, but what about a 2013 survey? Well, that’s where the news bit comes into play

The Furry Survey, as run by Alex Osaki/Klisoura, has been going strong since 2007, with 3,267 respondents in 2012 alone. It’s a well-constructed demographic census that drives a lot of the information behind our articles and visualizations. Running a yearly survey, complete with advertising, comment-handling, and pulling together results, however, takes time and effort, and so starting this year, we’re is happy to announce that [adjective][species] will be helping to run the Furry Survey as an [a][s] project right over here on!

The survey remains much the same as previous years with only a few changes.  Notably, one of the goals is to make the survey more international in its reach.  To that end, we’ve added more international conventions and are aiming to reach out beyond just a few countries to a wider audience.  Alas, the survey remains English language only for now, but if there’s interest (and translators), hopefully that can change in the future.

As for the [a][s] Census and Survey, a long-form survey does have its place in the future, and it will certainly come back with new questions for new folks to answer.  Keep an eye out, as we’ll be sure to make an announcement for that, as well!

With that we’ll set you loose: take the survey, pass it around, and talk it up!