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Start of an era.

Hi everyone. It’s with a great deal of pride and no small amount of terror that I begin my stint as editor-in-chief of [adjective][species].

In four years, Makyo has grown [a][s] from scratch to the vibrant site we have today. Everything that makes [a][s] special, in part or in whole, is because of a choice she has made somewhere along the way. I don’t have Makyo’s leadership or inspiration, but I will do my best to fill her shoes in my own way.

I started writing for [a][s] in January 2012. Since then I’ve been responsible for about a third of the site’s content. I’ll continue writing, and as editor-in-chief I’ll take responsibility for site content as a whole. Makyo will continue to work in the background as site owner, hosting, programming, and all those other things that keep [a][s] running and Randomwolf fed and watered.

What’s going to change? Not much. [a][s] will continue to explore the furry world from the inside out, in our thoughtful and intelligent way. I plan to increase the amount and accessibility of results from Furry Poll, which in my opinion is the site’s greatest asset. I also want to address the site’s biggest failing, which is that there is often a bit too much JM. [a][s] has always been a collaborative effort and so I will be on the hunt for new regular contributors, guest writers, and editors.

In that spirit, we are interested in offers of editorial help, submissions, ideas, praise, complaints, or anything. Leave a comment below or email me at

End of an era.

I hereby resign as editor-in-chief of [adjective][species].  That title will pass on to JM.

I cannot in good conscience continue to support a site such as this, and it’s become increasingly clear that the editorial decision-making has already shifted from me to JM as my personal responsibilities away from the site have increased.  I will remain on as technical advisor for the Furry Poll, and I may write the occasional article, but my focus will shift to my own personal projects and the life I’m dedicated to living to the fullest.

Thank you for four wonderful years.

No pressure! (Art by Mandi Tremblay)
No pressure! (Art by Mandi Tremblay)

Hey folks!  Have you taken this year’s Furry Poll?

If not, you still have quite a bit of time, the year’s only half over!  Remember that you can take it once every year.  If you’ve already taken it this year, relax: no need to face RandomWolf like that again.  If you haven’t yet, don’t worry!  It’s a painless process, promise.  And remember, there are no wrong answers :o)

Click here to head to the survey!
Click here to head to the survey!

On Licensing

Hey there, folks!  Some issues with the way that we license our works from authors came up recently, and I figured it was probably about time that we make all of that as clear as we can!

Everything on the [adjective][species] site, including its sub-sites such as the visualizations and, to a lesser extent, polls, is licensed from the author. All we do is ask the author for the rights to post their content under a certain license. They can choose not to accept that license and opt for something more or less restrictive if they want, but so far, that’s not been an issue. The license that we use is called the Creative Commons license. This is a very liberal license that allows work to be shared freely on the internet. The CC license comes with a few different ‘clauses’ that can be added on to modify the terms of the license. In our case, we use the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 version (we’re currently looking into upgrading to the 4.0 version).

What does this mean?

This means that anyone – including you, and including syndicators, such as Flayrah, who syndicates our articles through RSS – is free to take the articles on our site and share them, remix them, use them for your own purposes! Totally free. We make no money off anything at [a][s], so we’re not about to start clamping down for any reason.

So what does the BY-NC-SA stand for?

  • The BY portion means that you can repost or remix any of our content, so long as you attribute it back to us.
  • NC stands for Non-Commercial. That means that you can share, mash up, or use any of our content, so long as you aren’t making a profit on it. We want our articles to be free for anyone, inside the fandom or out, to read. This means not posting anything behind a paywall.
  • SA stands for Share-Alike. What the Share-Alike clause means is that you can share our content however you like, EXCEPT that it must be licensed under the same CC BY-NC-SA license, which just means putting that somewhere around the article.

So, to reiterate, you may post anything we license out on the web, so long as you

  1. Credit the author (or, failing that, [adjective][species])
  2. Release it for free
  3. Put “This article released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license” somewhere, such as at the bottom of the article or after the attribution.

I do apologize for the complexities of licensing, but [adjective][species], as a business, does bear some of the legal, not to mention ethical, burden of ensuring that our writers are fairly recognized as fantastic contributors to the furry subculture, and so we really do try to make sure that that is the case.  If you have any additional comments, you can feel free to respond here, or, if ever you want, email me at

All my best,

~Makyo/Madison Scott-Clary

JM is at Confuzzled this coming weekend, presenting an [adjective][species] talk—Exploring the Fandom Through Data: Furry Demographics and Sexual Behaviour—followed by a Q&A. We have some brand new data to share, based on preliminary results from the 2015 Furry Survey (, plus lots more. (Confuzzled is an 18+ convention, and this will be an 18+ panel.)

It’s on at 4:30pm on Sunday. Stop by if you can.

And feel free to say hello to JM if you see him around the convention, i.e. at the bar.

[adjective][species] was compromised last night through a template loader bug in WordPress.  The only effect that we have seen from the compromise was that spam links were injected at the top of the page, visible only to users on certain IP ranges (notably Google; the goal being to boost spam sites’ popularity in the search engine).  This appears to have been an automated attack on several WordPress sites on our host, and no data has been compromised, however, this should serve as a reminder to practice Safe Password! Continue reading Recent Spam Links

You might recall Rabbit’s recent article on furries who pre-date the furry fandom —the Paleofurs.

He is continuing to hunt for examples of paleofurs. Help him out over at his dedicated Tumblr:

On Advertising: Part 2 – After

(This is the follow-up to the first article, published October 9th, On Advertising: Part 1 – Before which explores the hows and whys of our little experiment in advertising.  Start there if you have yet to read it!)

And so it’s over.  We ran advertisements for one month on two furry sites to try and gain some insight into the way furries interact both with ads and with those sites in general. Those campaigns ended several days ago and we’ve been looking over the data we have available to us, including information before, during, and after the campaigns were over.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Continue reading On Advertising: Part 2 – After