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Posts that are primarily written from comments from readers.

Open Post: Your Introduction to Furry

It’s been a long time since we’ve done any open posts here at [adjective][species].  A lot of this is due to the sheer amount of personal stuff that’s been going on, but also, it’s been hard to think up any good topics!  It would be nice to try something new with this one.  I’ve talked before about how I got into the fandom – finding yerf, getting out of hand with it in high school, then calming down later on.  We’re interested in the variety of stories from other people, though!  What got you into anthropomorphized animals?  What got you into the furry subculture?  Heck, how did you find this website?  Tell us about all of your beginnings!

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Open Post: The Stuff You Never Think About

There’s all sorts of things that would have to be different about the world around us, were it a truly furry world.  These can be as simple as structuring chairs differently, or as complicated as equal rights for all species in a multi-species setting.  Lets collect a bunch of them here, just for funsies!  I’ve divided the list up into species-specific and non species-specific issues, with sub-categories in the species-specific category.  Inspired by this.

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Open Post: Obligatory Furry Media

Welcome to the first Open Post, where comments here, on FurAffinity, on Twitter, and Google+ help to shape the content of the post.  For this first one, let’s collect all the obligatory “furry” media – all that stuff you’re supposed to have seen or read in order to be a good man-animal.  Lets restrict entries to things that are furry without necessarily being made by furries.  To add something, either comment here or reply to us on FAtwitter, or Google+ with your addition.  If something belongs in two categories, I’ll likely  just add it to one, unless it’s an adaptation or has a different name.  Go!

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