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[a][s] at Further Confusion 2019

Good meowning! Once again, [a][s] will be attending Further Confusion and offering a few panels to choose from. Come stop on by as Makyo meows about data!

  • Safer Sex – Friday at 1:00PM in Marriott: Willow Glen I-II
    Interested in what all goes into having a happy, healthy, sex-positive relationship with your partners? Curious on how to stay safe while playing? Safer sex is important for staying healthy, both physically and emotionally. Come join us in exploring ways to enjoy intimacy safely.
  • Exploring the Fandom Through Data – Saturday at 1:00PM in Marriott: Blossom Hill
    Join [adjective][species] to explore the ins and outs of the furry subculture through data, prowling through seven years of the furry survey and additional surveys and data sets besides, investigating what makes up the fandom and exploring why.
  • What We Like After Dark – Monday at 12:00AM (that is Sunday Midnight, just to be clear!) in Hilton: Santa Clara
    Come explore what we like as furries through the lens of the art site e621. Using more than 10 years of data from submissions and tags, supplemented by data from Tapestries, SoFurry, and the Furry Survey we’ll look at art, artists, species, characters, and media franchises.
  • Gender and Furry – Monday at 1:00PM in Marriott: Blossom Hill
    Both gender and furry touch on very important aspects of identity. The fandom often provides a space in which to explore one’s gender in a safe manner. Come join us to talk about what gender is and how it interacts with the furry subculture.

Call for Submissions: The Third [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

We are proud to announce the Third [adjective][species] Poetry Collection! We have run two such collections before, one in 2015 and one in 2016, and are looking to continue the tradition of featuring some of the fandom’s poets here on the site.

As with last year, we are looking to feature poems with a specific focus. This year’s theme will be community and belonging. Poems can be about furry itself, or about animals (anthro and otherwise), but must include at least some mention of animals or furry. There are many excellent poets out there in the subculture, and we’d love to showcase their work here!


The fine print on what to send:

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Editorial: On Irony

Sixteen years ago, I was a not-so-wee lad just starting his freshman year of high school. I had grown a foot and a half in the previous few years, and my voice had fallen down the staircase from alto to baritone. I had just come out to my mom as gay. My favorite saying, which my step-mother hated, was “sarcasm makes the world go ’round”.

And I had just found furry. That too.

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[a][s] at Further Confusion 2016

Hey fuzzies! Headed to this year’s Further Confusion?  Be sure to catch the panels that we’ll be hosting!  Updated survey data, safer sex, and a new gender and relationships panel (if you attended last year’s LSF panel, this was mashed in with safer sex, an 18+ panel, this year it’s all ages!)

Exploring the Fandom Through Data

Friday, Jan 15 – 5:00 PM – SJCC: Second Stage

Come join us in figuring out what it means to be a furry and who exactly makes up this wonderful subculture of ours, using six years of furry survey data and ourselves to explore.

Furry Psychology!

Saturday, Jan 16 – 11:00 AM – Hilton: University

You’ve seen his posts here, let Dr. Nuka take you through the weird and wonderful world of furry psychology as he presents the findings of nearly a decade of research on furries conducted by real psychologists on furries all over the world (think Bill Nye, but with furries!) Get educated and suggest ideas for future research!

The Love – Sex – Fur Guide to Safer Sex (18+)

Saturday, Jan 16 – 10:00 PM – SJCC: 133

Interested in what all goes into having a happy, healthy, sex-positive relationship with your partners? Curious on how to stay safe while playing? Come join us in an open panel discussing safe and healthy sexuality.

Gender and Relationships in Furry

Sunday, Jan 17 – 10:00O OM – SJCC: 133

Come join the folks from Love – Sex – Fur in a two-part open panel discussing how to have healthy, happy relationships, as well as gender identity and expression within furry.

Start of an era.

Hi everyone. It’s with a great deal of pride and no small amount of terror that I begin my stint as editor-in-chief of [adjective][species].

In four years, Makyo has grown [a][s] from scratch to the vibrant site we have today. Everything that makes [a][s] special, in part or in whole, is because of a choice she has made somewhere along the way. I don’t have Makyo’s leadership or inspiration, but I will do my best to fill her shoes in my own way.

I started writing for [a][s] in January 2012. Since then I’ve been responsible for about a third of the site’s content. I’ll continue writing, and as editor-in-chief I’ll take responsibility for site content as a whole. Makyo will continue to work in the background as site owner, hosting, programming, and all those other things that keep [a][s] running and Randomwolf fed and watered.

What’s going to change? Not much. [a][s] will continue to explore the furry world from the inside out, in our thoughtful and intelligent way. I plan to increase the amount and accessibility of results from Furry Poll, which in my opinion is the site’s greatest asset. I also want to address the site’s biggest failing, which is that there is often a bit too much JM. [a][s] has always been a collaborative effort and so I will be on the hunt for new regular contributors, guest writers, and editors.

In that spirit, we are interested in offers of editorial help, submissions, ideas, praise, complaints, or anything. Leave a comment below or email me at

End of an era.

I hereby resign as editor-in-chief of [adjective][species].  That title will pass on to JM.

I cannot in good conscience continue to support a site such as this, and it’s become increasingly clear that the editorial decision-making has already shifted from me to JM as my personal responsibilities away from the site have increased.  I will remain on as technical advisor for the Furry Poll, and I may write the occasional article, but my focus will shift to my own personal projects and the life I’m dedicated to living to the fullest.

Thank you for four wonderful years.