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Small, one-off posts that are meant more as interstitial reading

A few weeks ago, I contacted a few large conventions and asked about the gender of their attendees in the dealers den compared to the rest of the con. I wanted to include this in my recent article, Furry Women at Furry Conventions, to supplement the IARP’s focus group research.

I didn’t get any responses in time for my article, in part because most conventions don’t collect gender data. I finally have a single response. I’m not going to identify the convention, but it is one the ten biggest, with over 1000 attendees at the most recent event.

Here’s the data:

  • In the dealers den: 57% female
  • Not in the dealers den: 12% female

This data comes with some caveats: Continue reading Furry Women at Furry Conventions: Some More Data

From the Survey

As you all know, the 2012 [a][s] Census and Survey is currently under way.  We’ve got quite a few responses already, and there’s a lot of really neat stuff being said about the fandom.  However, responses are currently only visible to the survey admins and, if you maintained a copy of your code pair, your own survey is visible to yourself.  We did promises that the fandom would benefit from the results, and they will indeed show up in the form of visualizations, articles, and so on here in the near future, but in the mean time, I’d like to share some of the direct results in a few short posts just to give a flavor of how diverse we all are!

For this first post, here are some responses to the question “Describe your process of character creation.”

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It would be silly for a meta-furry blog to post a con report, and that’s not quite what we’re going to do here, but we would like to note that [adjective][species] was at Further Confusion 2012 (still is, technically) as Fan Media, and we had a blast! While there, we handed out surveys, cards, and “I ♥ RandomWolf” stickers, lined up some future interviews, and spent a good deal of time talking to and observing our fellow furries.

In the future, we would also like to conduct some interviews while at the con (we brought a camcorder this year, but forgot to really do anything with it), and have more people helping to conduct the survey. However, we are also open to suggestions – what would you like to see from us at conventions? What other conventions would you like to see us visit? Is there any convention specific content that you would like to see us produce? Let us know what you think in the comments and we’ll definitely take it into consideration!

Keep being awesome, folks!

Unique Suits 2 – The Videographers

It’s hard to get a fursuit and not show it off.

Very hard.

When I first got my suit, I didn’t even wait until I had the whole thing all set up.  I picked my suit up from the maker at FC2011, stuffed the body suit and my shoes in the duffel I had brought along with, put on the rest, and headed back to the lobby.  I figured there was no reason for me to even bother dropping stuff back in the room; I had someone watch the duffel and wandered around as a partial otterman, making a fool of myself.  So it’s no surprise that furries and video get along like chocolate and coffee.

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On Names

What is in a name, anyway? For us here in the fandom, a name can be several things: a pseudonym, a description, even a whole other being, however fictional.  It’s safe to say, then, that names are pretty important to furries, and so maybe that’s worth taking a look at.  You have to start somewhere, so lets begin with how to construct a name.  There are, of course, many other ways to construct a name, but we’ve listed just a few of the best here.

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Unique Suits 1 – Furs For Life

After the most recent article about suiting, it has been brought to my attention by several folks that I spent most of my time talking about suiting at cons and interacting only with other furries.  Of course, that’s not the only context in which fursuiters don their garb!  In the spirit of providing a more inclusive look into the costuming side of the fandom, I’m going to be pulling together a few of these vignettes on different aspects of fursuiting.  If you have any suggestions* to make regarding some unique use of suiting outside of the con scene, please feel free to either leave comments on this post, or email them to  You can also send them to our Twitter, Google+, or FA accounts!

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