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Distant Cousins

This article is a counterpoint to Rabbit’s article published last Friday, Not-So-Distant Cousins.

Rabbit argues that furries and mainstream SF fans have a lot in common, that the two groups are similar enough such that “we should be treating each other as respected and beloved cousins, if not brothers and sisters.”

For evidence, he cites a common geekiness, a shared private language, a similar culture, and finishes by drawing a parallel between fursuiting and cosplay. He says:

“We’re all fen together, is what I’m trying to say. Natural allies, not rivals. I mean, how many places can you find people who not only enjoy discussing terraforming over barbeque, but are good at it? Not many, in this sad and intellectually-declining world.”

I disagree.

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The Geek Experience

I received some fairly strong reactions to the short article I wrote about geeks a couple of weeks ago. The article is probably the slightest and most trivial contribution I’ve made to [adjective][species] in my ten or so articles to date, so I was expecting some criticism about its glib tone and sweeping statements. But I didn’t expect that it would be read so differently by geeks, compared to non-geeks.

The geeks thought I was being unfair by connecting positive geeky behaviour to anti-social behaviour. Several people pointed out that geekiness is sexy and mainstream, whereas the anti-social behaviour I attributed to many geeks might be considered ‘nerdy’.

On the other hand, the non-geeks felt the opposite: they thought the article was an over-the-top love letter to geeks and geekiness everywhere.

As an aside, I’m happy to report that the geeks all responded to me on the internet; the non-geeks all commented as part of a ‘real life’ conversation. (Stereotypes: confirmed.)

In this article, I want to explore the geeks in a bit more detail.

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The regular Londonfurs (londonfurs.org.uk) meets are a great environment for getting to know furry friends, old and new. The meets are held in a City bar on Saturday afternoons and are attended by upwards of 100 furries. They have an easygoing vibe, fuelled by the sort of bonhomie that’s engendered by drinking with friends in the afternoon.

I was chatting at the bar with a couple of furry friends at a recent meet when we were approached by a geeky furry acquaintance of mine. Most furries will be able to guess what happened next. Our geek delivered a deadpan anecdote, describing a workmate who had become confused about two different types of barcode. His story – which was incomprehensible to anyone not intimately familiar with the ins and outs of barcodes – had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Everyone in the conversation immediately understood that we had been ‘geeked’. We tried to steer our geek away from his topic and predictably failed: our geek paid no heed to the usual social cues of conversation. Everyone else managed to escape and I was left with my geek, doomed to listen on in feigned interest and rising annoyance.

Every socially active furry will be able to identify with my experience. Why, I asked another furry following my eventual escape, am I socializing with these infuriating geeks?

Another question struck me later in the day: why are there so many geeks in the furry community?

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