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The Animals

Let’s start with some unusual furry roleplay.

Dear Longed-for Colt:


When a certain cat saw the enclosed full-color picture of a Dub in holiday decoration, he shed tears of sadness and longing. He misses and worries about his Old Dear so terribly.


Kitty only lives to be with his Darling Drub again. He has set April 1 as the deadline for their reunion, if that fragile feline stamina persists, and if it does, upon arrival in the stable Kitty will need massive intravenous doses of Horse Essence.


All of a kitten’s unswerving love and devotion,


It’s creative and a bit unusual, but unmistakably furry. And it is excerpted from a letter that was written in 1966.

The feline is portrait artist Don Bachardy. And Old Dub/Drub the horse is Christopher Isherwood, one the great English novelists of the 20th century. His work includes The Berlin Stories, source material for the Cabaret musical and film, which starred Liza Minnelli and won 8 Academy Awards.

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You might recall Rabbit’s recent article on furries who pre-date the furry fandom —the Paleofurs.

He is continuing to hunt for examples of paleofurs. Help him out over at his dedicated Tumblr: paleofurs.tumblr.com.

Paleofurs— The Anthropomorphic Fans of the Past

In many ways I’m not a very typical fur. I’m almost fifty-three as I write this, work in a blue collar field, and have little to no interest in furry art or artists. (I’m into furry fiction to the near-exclusion of all else, fandom-wise.) I don’t have a “furry-name” or “fursona”, and my first fursuit, if I still had it, would be older than the word itself. I would never have heard of half the fandom-famous anthro-cartoon characters if it hadn’t been for the fandom itself, because I was already an adult—even in many cases middle-aged—when the programs aired and became part of the rest of the fandom’s childhood. Perhaps most tellingly, I was thirty-seven years old before I ever heard the word “furry” used in its fandom sense. In other words, I lived most of my life in the universe that existed before there was a furry fandom, and remember it well.

This world was the world of the “paleofur”. The time before any of us knew there were others like us, who shared our interests and tastes. Before the internet brought us together, in other words, the long, long era when being a fur was a terribly lonely and to some degree even shameful thing.

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