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Love for an Inanimate Object

Some words of unwarning: this article is not about plushophilia, at least not in the sexual sense.

I like to mention sex in the first few sentences of my [adjective][species] articles when I can. I think it provides an engaging hook, something to help keep the reader enthusiastic while they wade through a convoluted premise, or parse paragraphs of statistics. (I sometimes even imply that an article has salacious content when it doesn’t.)

Plushophilia, in the sexual sense, does exist within furry but it’s marginal, at around 8% of furries according to the Furry Survey (ref). My guess is that stuffed animals are a true paraphilia (i.e. sexual fetish) for a small subset of this small fraction. In furry’s first wave, media coverage would often look to equate furry with plushophilia, in a clumsy attempt to explain our community as an entirely sexual phenomenon. It’s safe to say that any conflation of furry with plushophilia is wrong, and that the collective furry groan whenever someone refers to us as ‘plushies’ is thoroughly justified.

A lot of furries, of course, own stuffed animals. It’s one of the ways that the furry identity manifests itself in the physical world. And it’s normal for furries to have an emotional attachment to their stuffed animals, without the sexual objectification associated with paraphilia.

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