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The Second [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

The moon hangs full and heavy over the clearing, and a bonfire crackles in the still night, sending up swirls of orange sparks as each log falls into ash and ember. Its smoke carries the fragrance of white sage and cedar, of sandalwood, of myrrh. Its light dances over the pattern of stripes, the white ruff, and at last the burning eyes, a wash of gold over emerald as the tigress’ gaze catches and holds.

Greetings, traveler, and welcome. You have the look of a seeker about you — how well I know that restless heart!

There are others of your kind here, ancient and modern, their songs dreaming, wondering, praising. Here, in their words, you might find a moment’s peace, or perhaps there will only be more questions. On a night like this, who can say? Those might be spirits gathered out there, beyond the reach of the flames — but then again, it may only be a trick of the light. That might be a drumbeat; it might be a heartbeat; it might only be your own.

The fire is lit. The smoke is rising. In the end, all questions become one:

Will you come and join the dance?

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Finding the Animals in Cowboy Poetry

In the United States,
in Canada and Mexico,
Argentina, and Australia,
out beyond the screaming cities,
beyond electric lights that have stolen your night sky,
there is our other country.

From the people and the land
and the animals,
there comes a clear voice
telling stories of courage and fear,
success and great loss,
the man and the horse,
the cattle and the coyote,
the present and the past.

Gather ’round,
listen in,
and cowboy poetry
will soon begin.

Cowboy poetry is a unique category of poetry which comes from the life and culture of the diverse people who work and live primarily in the environment of the cattle industry of a handful of nations. Theirs is a lifestyle created by that industry and by the land on which they live and work. Much cowboy poetry is about animals—their behavior, their problems, their strength and beauty, and how cowboys and ranching family members interact with them. They tell stories of animals both real and imagined.

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Call for Submissions: The Second [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

Renee Carter Hall (“Poetigress”) is a writer and poet whose work has been published both inside and outside the furry fandom. She is the current president of the Furry Writers’ Guild and was Writer Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2015.

I’m honored to have been asked to curate the [adjective][species] poetry collection for 2016! Based on last year’s feature and on the recent release of the furry poetry anthology Civilized Beasts, I know there are lots of great poets in the fandom working in a wide variety of styles and voices, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes my way.

For this year’s feature, I’m narrowing the focus just a bit and looking for submissions relating to animals and spirituality. I’m defining both “animals” and “spirituality” pretty loosely, so this can involve anthropomorphic animals, the furry fandom, therian/Otherkin, and any sort of belief system—or lack of belief—where animals play some role. It doesn’t have to be organized or established religion, although that’s certainly welcome too. Really, the only thing I’m not looking for is work that demeans any particular faith or belief system. What I want, ideally, is celebration, exploration, and introspection, not debate, proselytizing, or anything obviously written for shock value alone.

The fine print on what to send:

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The Inaugural [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

It’s here, it’s finally here! It’s been a month in the works, but the inaugural [adjective][species] Poetry Collection is here. It’s been a lot of fun reading and putting together this set of amazing poems, getting to see the breadth of talent in the fandom. I know, as a poet myself, it’s sometimes difficult to sell your talent as as meaningful. I’ve had so many people, in-fandom and not, just raise eyebrows at the mere idea of poetry, so I’m glad so many people still write it.

I’m not here to set this post up too much. The poems are organized by flow, not by any ranking system. There is no winner—just a curated experience. Thank you to all the poets who submitted poems, and hopefully we can do this again soon.

~ Lunostophiles

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Call For Submissions: Furry/Animal Poetry

Please note that submissions are now closed.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled furry introspection to bring you this message from Lunostophiles:

For the past week, [adjective][species] has been focusing on furry themes in non-furry poetry. It’s been really great, as a poet, to see Shining River writing about the use of animals in verse, and all they can represent (both realistically and metaphorically). Poetry sometimes has an issue of gatekeeping, even if it’s self-imposed, so it’s nice to have open discussion.

But I think we should take this one step further.

I, as a proxy for [adjective][species], want to see what you, the fandom, have to offer. We are holding a poetry submission drive, with the hopeful outcome of publishing and showcasing a few great poets here on the website!

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