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Call For Submissions: Furry/Animal Poetry

Please note that submissions are now closed.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled furry introspection to bring you this message from Lunostophiles:

For the past week, [adjective][species] has been focusing on furry themes in non-furry poetry. It’s been really great, as a poet, to see Shining River writing about the use of animals in verse, and all they can represent (both realistically and metaphorically). Poetry sometimes has an issue of gatekeeping, even if it’s self-imposed, so it’s nice to have open discussion.

But I think we should take this one step further.

I, as a proxy for [adjective][species], want to see what you, the fandom, have to offer. We are holding a poetry submission drive, with the hopeful outcome of publishing and showcasing a few great poets here on the website!

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Finding the Animals in Modern Poetry

Why do some of us read, and occasionally write, poetry?

Because we find in poetry a language of emotion and intellect that somehow corresponds to events of our own lives, emotions that we have felt, and revelations that other persons have seen and felt similar circumstances and thoughts. Our attraction to a particular poem, or individual poet, or themes in poetry is often determined by how we feel about ourselves, our connections to others, to the world, and to the past. For many of us in the furry community, our relationship to animals is more than just looking at art images on our electronic media, or enjoying the good times at cons. Animals have a special place in our lives and we construct our mental lives at least partly upon them, whether they are real animals or not. We read and write them into our life.

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Whiskey Sour

Emotion lives out its life in poetry. It might summer in prose, it might vacation in speeches, and it may even spend a nice weekend wrapped around a pithy quip. But, in the end, emotion’s country of origin is poetry. Even before we wrote stories on paper, far before we recorded everything we created in a fashion archivists scratch their heads at, there was poetry and verse.

The fandom has been slow to adopt poetry, and it’s not without its reasons; too often these days culture equates verse with self-absorbed and self-diagnosed loners who attempt to pour their sadness onto the page in recursive stanzas. Are they wrong in choosing this course of release? Of course not, but these ‘angry emo journal poets’ have eclipsed the multitudinous and varied styles of poetry there are out there.

(There is, to be fair, a lot of blame to be laid on the poetry curriculum in schools, but that is a conversation for another day.)

With growing sub-communities devoted to writing verse, I’m confident there is a place for poetry in the fandom in the same way there is a place for prose, art, and fursuiting. There is no end to what poetry can accomplish, both within the constraints of meter and rhyme and without. If prose is the way by which we show others how we view the world, then poetry is the way by which we glean meaning from the world we view. A sunset is just a sunset until you can describe it as something else. Then it is much more.

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