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Open Post: The Stuff You Never Think About

There’s all sorts of things that would have to be different about the world around us, were it a truly furry world.  These can be as simple as structuring chairs differently, or as complicated as equal rights for all species in a multi-species setting.  Lets collect a bunch of them here, just for funsies!  I’ve divided the list up into species-specific and non species-specific issues, with sub-categories in the species-specific category.  Inspired by this.

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The Default Furry

When I write a blog post – either on here or my personal blog – I tend to “stub out” the entry before I even write it, sometimes days or weeks before I get to it.  It’s something like outlining, though not as structured as that implies.  More like jotting down ideas in the order in which they should occur in the article, though more structured than that implies.  For this article, the first line read: “witty comment about the standard furry – fake psych exercise to envision a default furry”.  As an introduction, I was going to come up with some sort of goofy little quip about how one would envision the standard fur.  I’m only referencing it instead, because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it’s been done before.  Countless times.

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