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The Dramagogues – Episode 3 – Making Waves

How many of you remember Sibe and Furry XDCC?

What about the PayPal kerfuffle with FurAffinity?  That was more recent.

Ooh, or “Kristal can’t enjoy her sandwich”?  Remember that one?  That was a good one.  It was pretty closely related to Yiffyleaks (insert eye-roll here), banning cub porn, and not banning Sonic art.  They all sort of circle around FA.

Those were all pretty big deals!  Remember them?

Now, when was the last time you thought about them?

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The Dramagogues – Episode 2 – Drama

In the last post about drama, I wondered whether or not we, as a community, really were more dramatic than those around us, and if so, why, or if not, why we seem to think we are.  Much of the content of that post came from responses to a few questions on twitter. Perhaps the best thing about our fandom is our willingness and ability to communicate, and that really is the basis of much of these articles,  I had asked previously whether or not we were more dramatic and why, and gotten several very succinct answers as to why that might be the case, Beyond that, however, I also asked if our drama is in some way different than that in the world around us, and got several additional responses to this question, which is the basis for this, the second episode of The Dramagogues.

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The Dramagogues – Episode 1 – Strife

I’ve been tiptoeing around this subject for a while now. It’s one of those topics that is both a pretty big deal and should be talked about, as well as one that is pretty divisive and some people could be tetchy about. My big worry in bringing it up I not that I’ll open a discussion on the topic, because that’s what I want to do. Rather, I worry that any discussion that does happen would be more inflammatory than anything. It’s one of those topics that a lot of people seem to agree on, but not agree on why, and it’s difficult to describe in words in any event. So I’m going to do the band-aid thing here and just say it all at once: either furries are more dramatic people than other groups, or they think they are, and either concept is fraught with implications and certainly worth exploring, given how much time and energy the fandom seems to put into its drama.

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