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Breaking Barriers

Guest post by Hyshaji Nightdragon. Nightdragon is a biological science graduate, laboratory specialist & fursuiter from Singapore. Rawr!

Three years ago, I was first introduced to fursuiting and fandom. This year, I made my first ‘pilgrimage’ to Anthrocon. With that came the rather intimidating prospect that is long distance travel. You see, I’m from Singapore, so by traveling all the way to the United States, I do mean a really, really long journey.

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Adding Structure to Life

Every now and then, it’s important to take a step back and gain a little bit of perspective. It sounds cliché, of course, and there are a lot of people in my life I can imagine scoffing at the type of post I’m about to write, if not that very phrase itself. In fact, there are plenty of other posts that I have in the docket, but they can wait for another time, and I hope you’ll begrudge me a fluff post while I gain my perspective.  Also, a trigger warning for some brief but frank discussion of suicide, and excessively sentimental foxes.

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Furry Internationalism

Furry is a genuinely international phenomenon. There was a time when furry might have been accused of being an English-speaking Caucasian phenomenon, but those times are long gone.

Here at [adjective][species] Zik has put together a review of Furry Cons of the World, which remains the best single demonstration of furry’s worldwide spread. Despite its length, it’s not a comprehensive list, with some oversights and some new cons appearing in the year since Zik’s article was published.

One new con is based in the city where I grew up: Perth, Australia. FurWAG will be held at the Rendezvous Studio Hotel on October 4-6, 2013 (www.furwag.com.au/), a con that has some claim to being the first in South-East Asia.

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The Furry Accommodation Network

The furry community is expanding worldwide. Here on [adjective][species], Zik has been chronicling all things international with his comprehensive survey of conventions outside of North America – Furry Cons of the World – and his insight into the growing Japanese community – Foreign Furry Fandoms: Japan. Both articles are required reading for anyone wanting evidence of furry’s global growth. I understand that there is more to come from Zik, who is rapidly becoming the go-to chronicler of internationalism in our community.

One of the frontiers of the furry community is South-East Asia, with the local furry group – AnthroAsia – loosely incorporating Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The group maintains an internet presence at www.anthroasia.com, which includes a fairly quiet forum with just over 400 registered members. The forums are quiet because most of the local furry chatter happens on Facebook, however the AA forums are heavily lurked and are therefore a great place for new furries to introduce themselves.

I recently visited Malaysia and wondered whether a local furry or two might be available to catch up during my stay. I’d met a few of the AA crew before, all Singaporeans, and guessed that they might know someone. I made the laziest possible attempt to make contact: a single tweet.

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