Furry could be said to be a lot of things, but above all, it’s a collection of people.  People, with all of their differences and similarities, their overlapping sub-societies, their petty arguments and tangled relationships.  The goal at [adjective][species] as a metafurry resource is to take a look at that from the inside (and maybe occasionally from the outside) and explore this jumble of a fandom.

The name [adjective][species] is a synecdoche, a way of expressing the whole of our weirdness through a smaller part of it.  Our mascot is, accordingly, RandomWolf, rendered accurately in the banner by Floe.

If you are interested in contacting us, please feel free to leave a comment, catch us on Twitter, or shoot us an email at submit@adjectivespecies.com!  [adjective][species] is governed by the [a][s] Code of Conduct.


  • Makyo – hosting; programming; writing – Makyo’s been in furry under various names since sometime around 2000, running projects such as [adjective][species], The Furry Survey, and Characters @ Openfurry.  She is usually to be found pretending to be an arctic fox and working in the software industry despite her degree in music composition.
  • Klisoura survey magic; sounding board; moral support – Klisoura helps run the Furry Survey, and provides insight on the results for [adjective][species]. His page contains more of his musings, and is hosted on the Soviet Union’s TLD, how awesome is that?


  • JMhorse; editor-in-chief (from 2015) – JM is a horse-of-all-trades who was introduced to furry in his native Australia by the excellent group known collectively as the Perthfurs. JM now helps run [adjective][species] from London, where he is most commonly spotted holding a pint and talking nonsense.
  • Makyo – editor-in-chief (2011-2015)
  • Zikfish procurement strategies – Zik is an otter who’s been dabbling around the furry fandom for nearly a decade. When he isn’t doing schoolwork, he spends time raging at videogames as well as hunting down music, art… and fish.
  • Kyellwriter fox extraordinaire – Kyell is a fox, a writer, and a California resident. He likes to write stories of varying lengths, often (but not always) dealing with gay relationships and foxes. You can find information about his stories on his website, and read his blog for thoughts on furry fandom, writing, gay rights, and eagles, and for information on his upcoming books.
  • Rabbitderived from a failed design for a folding bicycle – Rabbit is the author of over thirty published furry novels and novellas as well as numerous columns and articles in other furry venues. He’s a retired Tennessee auto worker.
  • Lunostophiles – Cheshire cat – Lu has been in the fandom since he was 14, though Cheshire cat only came about seven years in. He is a creator, both of writing and of fibre arts, and sometimes pretends he’s a musician. When he grows up, Lu wants to be a Time Lord, but until then, he’s masquerading as a pop culture polyglot.
  • Shining Rivergreymuzzle – Shining River lives in the high lands of Utah and began participating in the furry community in 1998. Besides furry art and literature, he is interested in Scottish and Irish culture and Western American folk culture and history. You may see him in public performing with one or two of our local Scottish bagpipe bands.
  • Jakebe – lopegigrus lepusalopus sapiens – A jackalope who’s been traveling around furry world since 1996, Jakebe has settled down in the technological wilds of Silicon Valley. He is happily married to a dragon, and they write fiction and non-fiction of various types in a cozy little den. His blog touches on storytelling, furry topics du jour, movie reviews and short fiction.
  • Corgi W. – youth – Corgi is currently studying for a degree in philosophy. She enjoys writing and writing anthropomorphic fiction, and has a passion for philosophical debate.
  • Mando – Italian – Mando is a twenty-something writer slash editor from the land of pizza and mandolins. Music lover and music teacher with a degree in Modern Literature.
  • George Squares – Critical Stoat – George writes reviews, fiction, nonfiction, and tends to yell about food a lot. He has worked on novels, short stories, comic book scripting and essays and has a bachelors of science degree in biology. He has a blog and he has several years of formal graphic design training.



[adjective][species], Ltd. is a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation, incorporated in 2013, and comprises several public facing sites and assets. It acts as a base for several metafurry projects started by its members and contributors:

Before posting a comment, please read our Code of Conduct

16 thoughts on “About

  1. This site encompasses something I have been looking for since I ‘became’ a Fur back in 1999, an in depth look at all the ways that Furs express their connection to the animal within. Thank you. (Faved)

  2. Glad to hear that there are Furs who are interested about the fandom as a whole. There’s a lot of variation in our little group. Heck, There’s even minorities of minorities here (like Mormon Furs). Each circle within has their unique culture and values, and it’s a good thing too.

  3. I am curious, though, on the whole furry concept, of just how close this comes to the ancestral “spirit guide” idea. That we all have the animal within us that guides us and influences us. I very heavily identify with both dragons and lions and there is much in their nature that influences my personality. Any thoughts?

  4. I have looked through AS for a contact address to site admins and found none. This is why I am addressing you via this reply to “About”.

    My question regards our AS user profiles. I assume that AS provides user profiles so that other users might learn a little more about each other, and to provide some contact information i.e. through users’ various websites. However, despite what I consider some thorough searching, I cannot find how to access other AS members profiles while I am logged in to AS. I see that some users who post comments have links in their user names but these apparently don’t provide any access to their AS profiles. The only way I can access my own profile is to log in. Unlike LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, I cannot view my own AS profile unless I am logged in.

    So, is there a way for users to view one anothers profiles while we are logged in? (If not, then what’s the point of having profiles :) And, secondly, is there a better way to contact the AS admins when we have questions such as mine?

  5. Hi, I’m looking to contributing on a biweekly basis if anybody has a question i will research it and write a article but if it is something small i will reply to a comment.

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