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Participation Mystique 2 – On Words

This is a post I did not intend to write.  I certainly did not intend to continue the Participation Mystique post into another.

Actually, truth be told, I had planned on taking a week off from writing; coming up with some fluff post pulled together from a combination of responses with some neat witticisms thrown in for good measure, or even just tossing up a guest post.  Work’s been decidedly hellish, and when I haven’t been working, I’ve been feeling some emotional strain resulting from a large case of over-commitment on other projects.  Come Monday, however, I’d caught up on sleep, and started rifling through comments and tweets in response to a few statements I’d made over the past few weeks.  I eventually decided that I shouldn’t be a lazy fox-man and pull together a formal response here in the form of an article.

So.  What is furry?

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Zoophilia in the Furry Community

One in six furries self-identify as zoophiles. The real number is probably higher.

This piece of information comes courtesy of Klisoura’s survey and I don’t think it would surprise many furs. A quick mental poll of the furries I know — the ones that I’m close enough to have an insight into their sexual preferences — suggest that it’s about right.

Like many things in the furry world, exactly what comprises a zoophile is a little blurry. It’s arguable that furry porn, as appreciated by a large majority of the readers of this blog, might be considered zoophilic. Taking the non-furry world as our reference point, furry erotica is certainly a half-step in the zoophilic direction.

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From the Survey

As you all know, the 2012 [a][s] Census and Survey is currently under way.  We’ve got quite a few responses already, and there’s a lot of really neat stuff being said about the fandom.  However, responses are currently only visible to the survey admins and, if you maintained a copy of your code pair, your own survey is visible to yourself.  We did promises that the fandom would benefit from the results, and they will indeed show up in the form of visualizations, articles, and so on here in the near future, but in the mean time, I’d like to share some of the direct results in a few short posts just to give a flavor of how diverse we all are!

For this first post, here are some responses to the question “Describe your process of character creation.”

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The 2012 [adjective][species] Census and Survey

Alright, folks!  With the start of a new year, we’re featuring a new addition to the site: a census and survey of the furry community!  We’ve pulled together a few demographic questions similar to the Furry Survey for consistency’s sake, plus some additional information about characters.  In addition to the census, we’ve also collected a few long-answer survey questions driven in part by the content of the site.  The information collected by the survey will, in turn, help steer the direction of the content.  This is your chance to help explain some of how you feel about your membership in this crazy fandom!

Check it out here: http://survey.adjectivespecies.com/2012/

If you receive a “Site Temporarily Unavailable” error, try this link instead: http://b.survey.adjectivespecies.com/2012/

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